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Ever toss a spinnerbait all day with no bites only to load up at the ramp to find out THE lure of the day was a spinnerbait? The idea is not to keep tossing one that bass won't bite for some small reason like too flashy, too dull, too loud, too quiet. It isn't necessary to load a boat with all sizes and blade configurations. Practically all pros mastering spinnerbaits are strong believers in presenting a variety of blade sizes, types, colors mixed however needed to make a bass eat it. I carry a variety of lure weights and wire configurations, like single blade, tandem blade, quad blade. But I also carry a tray full of blades of colors, sizes, styles like willow, Indiana, colorado, and french, metal as well as plastic blades. It's much easier to change blades in seconds if you remove split rings from the barrel swivels and replace the ring with a snap, or the whole things with a quality snap swivel. Blades are much cheaper than whole spinnerbaits, about 15 cents apiece. The snap should be on each blade so all you have to do is unsnap one blade and put on another.
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