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Some pics from BASS Master Classic I wanted to share...

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With my media credentials, I was able to get up close and these are just a few of the hundreds of photos I was able to get. Enjoy them a sI enjoyed taking them.

Denny Brauer


Boat Row

My pride and joy of all photos, Boyd Duckett hoisting up the winner's trophy

Hope you like them!
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Thanks for sharing with us :)
Those are nice and yes thank you for sharing.
Nice pics. One of these days I'll hold that trophy up. Maybe. I hope. :bs:
nice pictures,it is a shame they will never have it up here in chicago again,due that it is the first tourney of the year.The smallmouth are twice as good as the were the last time they were here.
Great pix! :cheers:

I wish I had gone. I went to the 2005 in Pittsburgh with all access media passes and it was awesome! I was able to attend all the parties that the sponsors threw for BASS, the media and the pros. Triton Mercury threw one and so did Busch. What a blast that was. I would say that it was definitely one of the best weeks of my life! :D I hope to do it again this coming Classic. Anyone up to going with me? :)

I took a mess of pix from the 2005 but unfortunately the person (a partner from an old website I worked for back in 2005) I was with owned the camera and has the pix still.

Great Pix Jay! Thank you for sharing them! :clap:
Thanks for sharing. Those are nice pictures.
That is one awesome picture of Duckett! Thanks.
Neat, ya need someone to carry your bags next year?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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