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Ron voiced his concern in a recent topic and I myself have rethought about membership status and the seasonal payments.

I came up with something a while back but it was too late to bring it up. As we approach the last part of the season I think its worth talking about at the next meeting.

Current method:
Members pay before each spring/summer/fall season $50 - total of $150 being paid by each full year member and those payments include any and all fees.

Because a member has to stay current on all season fees to be an active member, any member who pays for one season and not the other is kinda in limbo. Are they a member or not? Gray area.

Purposed change for 2013:
Total paid by each member will not change from $150/year. At the beginning of the year or when they are offered membership anytime in the year, there is a $30 membership fee. Then the spring, summer, and fall tournaments have a $40 fee that must be paid in full for any tournament to be fished. Membership fees due at first meeting and tournament fees at/before event #1.

Benefits to this:
-Anyone who pays the membership fee will be given membership status for the entire year (unless they are voted out or proclaim they want out)
-Allows the club to potentially collect more income for any mid-late season angler
-Possibly create more commitment from the angler to the club by having a membership fee paid and a reduced tournament fee (from $50 to $40/season)
-Allows us to split the money easier to put the membership fees toward end of year stuff and tournament fees just toward tournament payouts.

-Before a tournament is fished each member must pay the $30 membership fee and then a $40 season tournament fee (increase of $20 over current method).

Also, I have been thinking hard about how to count slot fish at Harris. I have an idea that I have bounded off a few people and they said they like it.

What if everyone in the club were issued a golden rule that was marked before each Harris tournament. Then we allow one of your 3 fish to be a slot fish that you take a picture of on the ruler (mouth closed/touching the bend and tail pinched). We then give you credit for that fish in accordance with what the golden rule says it should weigh. Picture has to include the fish, measurement, and scale marking. Another way to do it would be to ensure everyone has a readable scale and issue out random cards with a random marking/serial number. For example, the club issues out business cards the morning of the tournament with a random number generated by the club that morning. Then you use the card to put in the picture of your fish on your scale. The cards w/ random number ensures that the picture was taken that day. Just an idea.

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As for the slots, I am OK with as is or with photos and weight of the slot fish before release. Like the electronic scale process over the golden rule weight. Maybe add that the phot will be texted to all club members after release just as another process for record.

As another option, one could just give a 'point' on a side scale for each slot fish and no weight included, that would throw out the weight issue and make all fish equal one pound, added to the three fish limit (under current rules). Just a thought.

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