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Some fun facts about bass

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This just in from Bob Lester, Team Yamamoto's man in
Indiana. Bob thought he would entertain us with a little bit
of bass trivia. Bob has a degree in fish biology.

Bob writes:

We've all heard it said and we've said it ourselves while
fishing. Statements like, "I only caught some buck bass," or
"I caught a post spawn female," or a statement claiming the
sex of a bass was identifiable, perhaps by its appearance or
behavior. Well, you may see a big bass that looks like
it is full of roe and maybe it is, or maybe it is just an
overfed male that's been feasting on one too many shad?

Truth is male and female bass are anatomically identical in
external appearance. There is no difference on the outside
between a male or female bass. None. The only way to tell
the difference is to open one up and look inside. Isn't it
good we don't have that trouble while dating, that would be
a little rough.

This leads me to a new line of thought that warrants further
investigation. How do bass know who to mate with? They
absolutely cannot tell by looking. They must communicate
some way. Is it smell? I think so, but honestly don't know
the answer. I do feel there is way more to this smell thing
with fish than we want to know or believe."

- Bob Lester, Indiana
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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