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This just in from Bob Lester, Team Yamamoto's man in
Indiana. Bob thought he would entertain us with a little bit
of bass trivia. Bob has a degree in fish biology.

Bob writes:

We've all heard it said and we've said it ourselves while
fishing. Statements like, "I only caught some buck bass," or
"I caught a post spawn female," or a statement claiming the
sex of a bass was identifiable, perhaps by its appearance or
behavior. Well, you may see a big bass that looks like
it is full of roe and maybe it is, or maybe it is just an
overfed male that's been feasting on one too many shad?

Truth is male and female bass are anatomically identical in
external appearance. There is no difference on the outside
between a male or female bass. None. The only way to tell
the difference is to open one up and look inside. Isn't it
good we don't have that trouble while dating, that would be
a little rough.

This leads me to a new line of thought that warrants further
investigation. How do bass know who to mate with? They
absolutely cannot tell by looking. They must communicate
some way. Is it smell? I think so, but honestly don't know
the answer. I do feel there is way more to this smell thing
with fish than we want to know or believe."

- Bob Lester, Indiana

That is very interesting. I don't remember where I heard it, but this stuck with me. Someone once said, and I want to say that it was someone respected in the fishing industry, that any bass that is over 5 lbs. was more than likely a female.

Now, although I do believe that this can be true. However, down here in the South, where the growing season is much longer, I do believe that a male bass could reach 5 lbs. or bigger.

Just something to think about.

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Try to keep in mind that there are several basses that we call bass, ie;"a bass is a bass" post. Also keep in mind the we see colors much differently than bass do. Bass are animals and change their appearance for the mating (spawning) season. LMB the female bass with ripe eggs is usually a light watermelon green and nearly glows in the water, where as a male remains darker green back color. The question as to size is basically correct for largemouth bass, however a male can grow to be up to 7 lbs*, its uncommon for a LMB male to exceed 4 lbs and it would be long and lean, big head with thin body. The females build up body fat when they are developing eggs, so it's not just a fat belly full of food, it's the entire bass becomes more "football" shaped. Males stay lean and mean during the spawning cycle and only tend to have bulging bellies with flat sides during the balance of the year.
* caught a 7 lb male bass at San Vincente and verified by biologist Larry Botroff in 1971. This was the biggest male that Larry had ever observed.

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I could see Mr. Lester's point as far as young female bucketmouths. But it's been a well established fact with many anglers that I know... including one or two pros I've had the privilege of shaking hands with... that the hawgs are "ladies." So, what's the deal?

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whats the word, instink and pheromones? i ask this question on a board about 'bass pee',becuz i had a few bass pee while in the spawn stage, i thought this could be there last chance to drop the milt/sperm i still think it could be that, but from that topic the pheromones came up,and there could be alot of uses for it, one if your hooked send out a smell to turn off others from eating when danger is around( i think this might have reverse effects if you have a 6" bass on and a 10#er is watching even if the small bass is sending signals to not eat becuz something is not right, it may be telling the big bass EAT me?) also pheromones to tell sex, and to tell of possible food source, but i do think a bass can tell male from female by the sent or pheromones ... how does a dog know the other dog 3 miles away is female? lol or how can a killer bee track you down for miles after smacking one of it's own bees? pheromones! how does a hawk see a field rat? it sees a ultra violet pee trail of it's prey,or none as pheromones too, it can tell what direction the prey even went by the trail, this more than humans want to under stand or even need to know, as i would say to my daughter " it's just the way it is? i am not sure why?"lol...
if they cant tell male from female do to pheromones then it has to be with movement a gestures and things we don't see< the shake of the tail might git some attraction but it is smaller than that too...maybe the batting of eye lashes and puckering of lips, just like a bass yawn will send prey fleeing for it's life they have communication of some sort?
i would love to know how to speak bass...
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