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So Tournament Saturday

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Mid-Summer patterns in effect, much of the bay has algae/dead weed growth. Obviously I will be looking for healthy green weeds.

Any tips on what baits might win it? Or where to look? I was thinking of starting in the shallows with topwater baits then as it gets hotter (gonna be over 100 degrees) switch up to either slop fishing or go deep with the jerkbaits and senkos.

Oh yeah to give you an idea -

Long Point Bay is shallow and weed choked. A massive bowl-shaped bay that goes to about 16 feet in the middle. Weeds are thicker than holy hell right now. There are certain areas with fishable docks but most docks/marinas are closed to fishing and/or filled with wayyy too much boat traffic on opener.

Tips tips I need tips! ;D

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Whats the water temps Rich? Any idea? Are the fish past the post spawn and in their summer pattern yet? If so I would target the outer deep weed edges. I like your choice of lures for it too... senkos and jerkbaits... but I'd also add jigs to the arsenal... maybe even tubes... actually any vertically presented bait you feel confident fishing deep along that weed edge...

mind you, I have never actually been where you will be... but I love deep weed edges once the water starts to get hot and the fish are in their summer pattern. It allows the fish to move vertical... up to eat... down to chill out... perfect amoung of movement for big lazy summer bass :cheers:

Im sure others will have more ideas to add.. but there ya go... my 2 cents worth :)
Docks are good fishing BUT if its a tournament, you can almost be guaranteed that there will be many others with the same idea. #1 they are easy to spot and #2 everyone knows docks can be good fishing.

So that makes me think "if i wanna win this tournament I need to find water that wont be shared or used up by the time I get there" which is what I think outter deep weed edges will translate too. Sure there may be others who will fish outter weed edges BUT it is a lot easier for you to find your OWN weed edges than it is to find your OWN dock. I've seen many a tournament won when an angler focused on a weed edge and stuck it out by himself. O.T. Fears once did it on Santee a while back... found a deep weed line that surrounded a small "ditch" in the middle of the lake and he sat on it all day and won the tournament. Kevin Van Dam has done the same himself too.

Hopefully you will get some pre-fishing in and find a good area to test out the idea. :) Sharp drop offs, channels, rock piles, humps, holes etc... is what I would try to find bordering my deep weed edge. :)
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Big Bass Rich said:
Did a bit of scouting last night, very little fishing though. The shallow areas we visited were overrrun with algae and brown weeds. That's why I'm dead set on getting out to the deeper green flats.
All the brown weeds I have ever run into meant depleted oxygen levels... so good thinking about staying away from them Rich! :)
Congratulations Rich! Congratulations Eric too! :victory: :goldcup: :victory: :cheers:
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