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Snow trip

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I finally got my boat out and decided to take a trip to the lake to fish and check out the snow damage. This was the first time I was going to get to try out the new lucky crafts man was it on I caught 27 LMB in two and half hours 12 keepers I'm guessing between 15-16 lbs. I never really smoked a pig but they were all solid units.To say that I am sold on the lucky crafts is an understatement. My wrist was killing me from the jerk bait so I would slow down and even stop the bait. When it was siting there not moving for just about to long a fish would nail it. All the better fish came off of that presentation. I had planned on pitching a jig but it lost out. Nothing like trying to go from one extreme to the next. I get to go on thursday and I hope they are still on. Oh yeah the snow really played hell on the old boat docks a bunch just collasped and boats sunk all over the lake what a mess. Peace out Drew
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Sounds like an awesome trip! I've never caught that many fish in one day. Those pointers really are the best lure going. 8)
I would just pull up to a spot and catch fish after fish. My wrist was killing me. I told my self when I got to 25 I was going home because I had to work tonite and I was running out of time. When I got to 25 I was on a pile of fish and couldn't stop. I guess i'm greedy but it will take who knows how long to get on them like that again. Drew
WTG Drew :bowdown:
Which L.C. was you useing ?? ( 78 SP ? )
Rodney its the110sp in Ghost minnow. I tell you what, I know why these baits are damn near $20.00, because they can sell them for that. I put them off for three years but that was my mistake I'm going to get some more in other colors and styles(crankbaits and so forth) and just suck up the cost. How much would you pay to catch fish? Drew
I like the LC jerksbaits. I havent tried the larger ones though. ( just the 78sp in the colors of AURORA BLACK and Chartreuse / Shad )
I plan on getting a few more and maybe 1 or 2 in a larger size
Yeah, aurora black and chartreuse shad are bad. If you fish clear water much, throw a ghost minnow color on cloudy days. :-*
The water was relatively clear and it was a hard overcast day. I'm going again in the morning and I'm scared it is not going to work because it is suposed to be partly cloudy. I can't put my finger on why they were so aggressive I guess maybe a front went through but it wasn't much of one.
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