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Slow Cold Night

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Well I woke up to a ground covered in some sort of white powder today. As I sit here at work this stuff keeps falling out of the sky.

The temp outside is 20F with a wind to 25mph. We have about 8" of snow with drifts to 2 feet deep. It is going to last till about midnight the weather guy said.

This sure makes work drag by. You would think a hotel would be busyer but not so.

Sure looks pretty though.
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Where are you? I'm in missouri and we are getting pelted. we had 16 call ins at work i can't believe I didn't have to stay, six inches already and ten to go.
I went to work at 3pm, the boss says "DON'T wreck your truck! Stick around here. If it gets tough just go home. It snowed 3 hours. It all evaporated as soon as it landed. He calls at 8pm. "For God's sake park the truck. Just stay by the phone and radio." I stayed on the internet 9 hours. Well, some Solitare mixed in. Cooked some deer chili (4 hour recipe) and ate half of that. Somebody will miss their 5# of deer hamburger in the fridge. Too bad. It was SURVIVAL time. :p I had to do whatever necessary to weather the storm. I made a pot of coffee, and drank the whole thing between posts. HEY. I hit 735 on Solitare standard 3 card draw twice! ;D If you have a 2 that can go on an ace drop it onto a 3 if available for extra points rather than slapping it directly on the ace. Then move it to the ace. That's the key. I'm home, but it'll be 5am before I can sleep. Oh, it's the caffeine? What a way to earn a living! I'm nuts right now. :D

Well, im back in my shorts ;D
I'll be in my shorts after work also, but that deer chilli sounds awesome Jim.
I am in North Central Oklahoma in a town called Enid. The snow would not have been bad , but we had temps in the 60's the day before.

>:D I hope you guys in shorts get a cold snap. >:D >:D
Now Now Squid, dont be so mean by wishing us to have a cold snap ;D
I ran my mouth about getting to go home and got called back in at 4:00am 54-call-ins on day watch just got home from a double we got 15 inches of snow. man I'm wore slick. You flordia girls will get yours :D!!
I can't find my boat there is just a huge frozen pile of snow where it was!! Man i'm ready for spring.
Hey Squid, we are going to dip into the upper 40's tonight, does that count as cold?
It will feel like it to us because we had mid 80's yesterday.
You ain't right boy. I guess at least we don't have hurricanes, the football team or the real ones. Thank goodness!
Our wintertime is really kickin' in here in Georgia. Thursay's low is 20-something, and the high is mid-40's. Time to break out the carhartts.
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