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Well, I woke up a little late this morning, considering that I wanted to get up at 6:00 AM. I got up at 6:30 AM and was at the lake by 7:00 AM.

I started by throwing a Pop-R. I was fishing around 4 rock piles, which are my usual first stop, did not produce anything. They are adjacent to the spillway that leads down to the bottom lake. I cast the Pop-R along the lip of the spillway, that leads back to the natural bottom of the lake, which is about 2' deep, and behold............FEESH! ;D A nice little 1.5 lbs. largemouth INHALED the Pop-R, and required surgery for 2/3 hooks on the back treble being through his cute little cheek.

Well, I didn't get another bass on a Pop-R, so I decided to tie on one of my favorite flukes, which a friend of mine poured for me. It's Electric Blue with Silver and Purple glitter. I stopped at a spot that I had taken Brittany, my new gf, to............and I had missed 2 fish while she was watching me. So, I cast the fluke along the same cover that the two bass were associated with, and boom, a nice 1.5 lbs. largemouth nailed the fluke, and was soon on my thumb.

I continue fishing along the same places I normally fish on the bottom lake, and I had another 1.5 lbs. bass miss my green Bayou Boogie, which I eventually broke off.

I went back up to the upper lake, and tied on a 4" Zoom Finesse Worm, in Icicle. Nothing happened on that, so I switched over to a Sweet Beaver in Waterbug. I pitched to the rock pile along the bridge, and had a good bass nail the beaver on it's way to the bottom. I wasn't paying attention, but immeadiately threw back to where the bass hit, and the fish inhaled it. I didn't get her buttoned too well, but she jumped and was around 2 lbs.

I went to the other side of the bridge, and cast over a limb that is attatched to one of the bridge's pilings, and boom, a bass nails it, and immeadiately gets tangled in the limb, which is sitting in 7 ft. of water. Luckily, with a steady pull, she came free, and was buttoned well.

I walked up to the office of the park, got my picture taken, and got the bass back in the water. It took about 5 mins to get the picture taken, and it took about 3 mins to get the bass back to a lively, fighting state, and it swam off, no worse for the wear.

So, it's very clear that no one pattern is going to produce fish, and that a lot of fish can be caught a lot of ways. It was a great day on the water, and with the one fish I missed, had I caught it, I would have had 8 lbs. of fish.


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Thanks Rodney. The picture of the bass that I caught in December is hanging up in the office at Sloppy Floyd. I will see what I can do to get that pic and get it on here.

As for this pic, the lady said that it will be a month before they get it developed. So, I will try to make sure to get it on here soon.
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