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The South Lake Bass Anglers held it's November monthly club tournament at the Holly Chain of Lakes in Umatilla. First Place went to Paul M.of Clermont with 4 fish that weighted 6.56#. Second Place went to George W. of Tavares with 4 fish weighting 6.32#. Third place goes to Rodney H. of Groveland, weighting in 3 fish that went 6.31#. Rodney also had the biggest bass of the tournament with a 4.08# bass. Fourth place was Brian H. of Clermont,with the clubs only limit of 5 fish that weighted 6.09#. Fifth placed was Lonnie Galassi of Groveland weighting in 4 fish at 5.94#. The club had 23 menbers that fished and brought 41 bass to the scales, for a total of 57.91#. Nine members did not weight in fish and all fish were released back in to the lake to be caught again.

( When I get the pictures I will post them here )
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