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On Saturday January 20th 2007, the South Lake Bass Anglers held it's monthly tournament on Johns Lake.
First place went to Lonnie Galassi of Groveland with a 5 fish limit of 15.36# . Lonnie also took big bass honors with a a nice 7.27#.
Second place went to Brian Herndon of Clermont, with a 5 fish limit of 13.10#. Brian also caught a nice 6.63 #.
Third place went to Al Smith of Clermont with a 5 fish limit of 9.17#
Fourth place went to John 'Dogg' Bloom sr of Groveland with a 5 fish limit of 8.54#.
Fifth place went to Dave Spence of Taveres with 3 fish weighing 7.99#.

We had 22 members to attend and all but 2 brought 68 fish for a weight of 121.48#.

Top 5

( L-R ) Dave S, Dogg, Al, Brian H, Lonnie

Brian H with a 6.63#

Lonnie with big bass at 7.27#

Mike F with a nice 5.42 #
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