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SLBA Feb Tournament

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The South Lake Bass Anglers held it's Febuary's monthly club tournament at East
Lake Toho. First Place went to Scott of Clermont. Scott weighted in 4 fish that
went 8.17#, he also had the biggest bass of the tournament which weighted 4.7#.
Second Place went to Manolo of Orlando, with 5 fish that weighted 8.06#. Third Place goes to Rick of Clermont, Rick weighted in 5 fish at 6.82#. Fourth
Place was Paul of Clermont with a 5 fish limit going 6.45# and Fifth place from Tavares, was George with 4 fish at 5.75# The club had 20 members that brought 47 fish to the scales that weighted 65.33#. 3 five fish limits were caught with 6 members not weighting in any fish. All fish were release back into the lake to grow and be caught again.

Scott, with Big Bass @ 4.7#.

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Nice report and pics Rodney.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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