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SLBA December Tournament

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On Saturday December 2nd, The South Lake Bass Anglers held it's monthy club tournament at Crooked Lake. Launch site was at Bob's Landing outside of Babson Park. First place went to Manolo Bejar of Orlando with 5 fish weighting 12.82#, Manolo also had big bass for the tournament with a 4.74# bass. Second place was Lonnie Galassi of Groveland, he had 5 fish that weighted 9.69#. Third place went to George Weidman of Tavares with 5 fish weighting 9.37#. Fourth place goes to Al Smith of Clermont with 5 fish weighting 8.35#. Fifth place from Clermont was Brian Herndon weighting in 4 fish for 7.80#. The club had 17 members fishing with all but two bringing 49 fish to the scales for a total of 85.43#. The next club tournament will be on Johns Lake, January 20th 2007.

Lonnie with a nice one

Manolo with 2 nice ones

Manolo with Big Bass

Top 5

( L - R ) Brian H,Al,Lonnie,Manolo,George
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Man those flordia fish are so long there retarded looking. I love them. I wish I could fish for them every day.
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