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SLBA Classic

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The South Lake Bass Anglers held it's end of the year 2-day
Classic Tournament at Crooked Lake, which is located south of
Lake Wales in Polk County. The launch site was at Bob's Landing.
Day 1 blastoff was delayed about 45 minutes due to heavey fog.
At weigh-in 19 of the 20 anglers had fish to be weighted. The
first place leader was Lonnie with 5 fish weighting 14.55#,
and big bass of 5.35#. After all the fish were weighed in 88 bass
were caught with a total weight of 159.84#. With a clear morning
on Sunday 21 anglers set out to catch Lonnie and take this years
Classic. At weigh-in 20 of the 21 anglers caught fish. The top five
were, fifth place Manolo of Orlando with 10 fish weighing 21.11#.
fourth place was Rick of Clermont, he had 10 fish that weighted
21.47#. Third place from Clermont, Brian O, he had 10 fish that went
21.61#. Second place was Scott of Clermont. Scott weighted in 10
fish that weighted 21.64#, Scott also had big bass for day 2 with a
7.57# bass and wins big bass for the tournament, and for the year by
edging out Rodney who had a 7.43# bass.First place goes to Lonnie with 10 fish weighting 24.60 #
On day 2 the club
had caught 85 bass for 162.93#. A 2 day total of 173 bass were weighed
in for a total of 322.77#.

Scott with Big Bass day 2 and also for the year

Al & Dogg hard at work weighing in fish

Harry with a nice one

Lonnie with Big Bass Day 1

Dave with a nice one

Paul with a nice one

Rick with a nice one

Brian H with a nice one

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It kinda stunk getting beat out on the last day for big bass, thats for sure ( lost $400 ).

BUT all in all I am pleased with my performance at the classic. I got my limit of 5 fish each day. I just couldnt get any big fish. My 2 biggest came on the first day. One being close to 3 1/2 and the other almost 3. Then the rest seemed to be 12 1/2 " - 15 " ( we had exemption cards to keep 12 " bass )
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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