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SLBA Classic at Lake Istokpoga ( March 2006 ) results

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The South Lake Bass Anglers Fishing Club held its Year End Tournament on Lake Istokpoga in Lake Placid. The launch site was at Henderson’s Fish Camp. Lake Istokpoga is only a 3 fish limit lake so the size limit was waived for this tournament. At the Day 1 launch a heavy fog had moved in overnight and delayed the take-off for 1 ½ hours. At weight in all 23 anglers had caught fish 20 of them had their limit, a total of 63 bass would be brought to the scales for a total weight of 151.67#. The Top Five for Day 1 were: First Place Manolo Bejar with 3 fish weighting 14.28#, Second Place was George Weidman, 3 fish at 12.12#, Third Place Carl Harbison, 3 fish at 10.98#, Fourth Place Paul McDonald, 3 fish at 10.95# and Fifth Place Lonnie Galassi with 3 fish that weighted 10.04#.

Day 2 was a perfect morning, clear skies and a light breeze, with a 2:00 pm weight in all anglers had high expectations for the day. When the final weight in started, 22 of the 23 anglers had caught fish and 15 of them had their limits. First Place for the Tournament went to Matt Harrison of Winter Garden. Matt fished the tournament as a non-boater and was in 8th place the first day with 7.88#. His Day 2 weight in was 22.20# for a total of 30.08#. He also took Big Bass for Day 2 and Big Bass of the Tournament with a 9.14# lunker. His other two fish weighted out at 6.39# and 6.67#. Second Place was Manolo Bejar of Orlando on Day 1 he led with 14.28# at the scales. He brought 3 fish that weighted 9.48# that dropped him down with a 2 day total of 23.76# with 6 fish. Third Place was Lonnie Galassi of Groveland, after Day 1 Lonnie was in Fifth Place, his Day 2, 3 fish weighted 12.43# for a 6 fish total of 22.47#. Fourth Place was Bo Fairfield of South Clermont, Day 1 Bo was in Sixth Place with 3 fish weighting 9.13# his 3 fish on Day 2 weighted 10.87# for a final 6 fish 20.00# finish. And Fifth Place goes to George Weidman of Tavares. After Day 1 George was in Second Place with 3 fish that weighted 12.12#, his second day he got 3 fish that weighted 7.79#, he finished with 6 fish at 19.91#.

The Club had 23 anglers fish both days for a total of 121 bass caught, 63 on Day 1 and 58 on Day 2, the total weight was 310.54#, 151.67# Day 1 and 158.87# on Day 2. 11 bass were caught over 5#. The Big Bass winners were George Weidman, Day 1 at 8.59# and Matt Harrison, Day 2 at 9.14#.



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Matt, Manolo, Lonnie, Bo & George
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Thats BO , and yes he looks like he could play for ZZ TOP lol ... He has to tie his beard up in the mornings for take off ( No Lie ) lol

We had such a great time down there, we will hold our classic next March there again.
John, its the 5th largest lake in Florida . Its in Lake Placid, Florida ( Highlands county ) . About 15 miles south of Seebring. It is right at 100 miles to the south of me on hwy 27 .

The lake is 27,672 acres.
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