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I headed down to Silver Creek NY a week ago, since the weather continues to act like spring after fall, with no winter.  The creek was running normal, but alot of fish were scared out of the shallows by anglers.  I headed towards the lake, in downtown Silver Creek, and found myself a good 3 banks in a row with 3 or so feet of water running beside them, and they prooved to hold trout, when I drifted my fly next to them.  Got them on a Pistol Pete, which is a wolly bugger with a small propeller on the front, it swims in a way. And let me tell you, if you want trout, FLY FISH! I fished for them with other techniques and rods, nothing beats a flyrod. The second one was a crazy fight! I was using a 9'-o'' St. Croix Avid Rod, Cabelas CSR with Large Arbor, 9 WT Floating Rocket line, 12 Pound Leader, 5 Pound tippet, and Pistol Petes/ Yellow Sallies. These are pictures of the Reputable ones... The second one was definatly the fat pig of them all.

Here they are!

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