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sorry all for not being around tonight. It appears the biggest thing I caught this weekend is this massive head cold I have now :sad2: :cussin: I got home and climbed in bed and am about to head back there again now. I will catch up with yall in the morning from work. :thumbup01:
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Relax, drink lots of OJ and get Vitamin C in ya and take it easy. Hope you feel better soon.
chicken soup and a shot jack :chug:
forget the soup, jack can take care of it just fine. hey it is a liquid too. :rofl1: :chug:
hope you get better soon.
take care jared and ya can mix the jack and oj :dance01:

hope ya get to feelin better real soon :chug:
Get well soon, ya might miss a fishing trip instead of work!!

My best is with you
Hope you get to felling better bro!! Better take it easy on the jack it'll make you feel better for a minute, but the hangover is hell!!! Dave
Here is a solution an old-timer gave me one time. Make a hot toddy, and a hot bath. Get in the tub, relax, and drink the hot toddy. Either you'll be better, or you'll be the happiest sick man in town.
Hope you get feeling better soon. I am hoping like heck I dont get sick up here in the frozen tundra lol
Must be all this great weather. Get well soon.
get better, and forget Jack just to get better that is bad advice. You have to drink vodka/rocks everyday so the germs never have a chance :chug:
Sorry to hear that your sick. Get better and do it quickly.

Like my great grandmother use to say, "in order to get rid of a cold, you have to feed the cold."

Eat lots of food and drink plenty of water and orange juice.

Take care.
I'm sending cupcakes your way :lmao:! And lots of well wishes for good health! A big hug and kiss on the cheek to. Hope you feel better soon Jared.
mary dean said:
I'm sending cupcakes your way :lmao:! And lots of well wishes for good health! A big hug and kiss on the cheek to. Hope you feel better soon Jared.
Ya know now that I am thinking about it I don't feel too good either, :eek:ld:
Ok, Here is your cupcake, hug, and kiss on the cheek...
Feeling better??? :wack:
I'm glad I was here for you ;)
Thank you all :D

I may not be 100% better this morning but with all the booze yall sent my way... it wouldnt matter how sick I was... cuz I wouldnt be feeling a thing :rofl1:
OK Jared, this is what you do. Set a quart of Drambuie on your nitestand, place 2 asprin next to the Drambuie. Drink the Drambuie, as much as you can, then go to sleep. Just before you wake up take the asprin for the hangover. Works every time.
I was a 19 year old smoke jumper in Oregon in the 60's and caught a really bad cold, probably flu, in a cabin on top of the Blue Mtns above Dale on the headwaters of the John Day River. I was sure I'd die. People looked at me like I would die soon. I heard one team member ask "What we gonna do when he dies? We can't get off this mountain. Leave him for the bears? We can't leave him in here. What's Forest Service policy on that?" We were snow-bound at that time. A "range rider" with no teeth (from a bar room fight) prescribed the medicine. One pint of Jack Daniels black label downed in one hour. He had a couple cases of them. Our job was apparently survive the winter until fire season returned. Well, I woke up a few days later cured and was put to work shovelling snow to make steps to the top of the drift that covered the cabin.

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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