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show unread posts ?

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in my little user info box there is a place to click on that reads show unread posts since last visit.Is anyone else having problems with this it doesn't work for me anymore.worked fine til the front page went down awhile back.just wonderin,
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I am not having any trouble
Works for me..

Maybe try deleting the cookies for this site. ( then you have to log in with Username and Password )
Try clearing your temporary internet files and your cookies, highrider. I beleive its something on your end because the front page and the forums are two totally seperate entities and pieces of software. Whatever the case may be though, I will try to help ya get it resolved.
oops lol sorry Rodney, I had typed my reply like 45 minutes ago but a phone call kept me from sending lol
Thats what they all say, Jared lol rofl :neener:
thanks guys it just worked .darn pacuters :banghead: :shootpc: :eek:ld:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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