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Here are some updates on this years ShareLunker Program.

Number 5​

ShareLunker No. 428
Caught by David Reinarz of Austin, TX
February 18, 2007 in Austin
13 pounds, length 25.75 inches, girth 20 inches
Bait/Lure: 1/4-oz. black jig, watermelon brush hog​

Number 6​

ShareLunker No. 429
Caught by Stephen Carey of Fords, NJ
March 3, 2007 in Lake Fork
13.23 pounds, length 25.5 inches, girth 21 inches
Bait/Lure: half-ounce Rat-L-Trap

Number 7​

ShareLunker No. 430
Caught by Jesse Roberson of Goldthwaite, TX
March 9, 2007 in Private Lake – near Goldthwaite
15.54 pounds, length 27.125 inches, girth 21.5 inches
Bait/Lure: plastic crayfish

Number 8​

ShareLunker No. 431
Caught by Dennis Weaver of Seguin, TX
March 10, 2007 in Choke Canyon Reservoir
14.478 pounds, length 26 inches, girth 21.125 inches

Number 9​

ShareLunker No. 432
Caught by Michael Gray of Murphy, TX
March 10, 2007 in Lake Fork
15.32 pounds, length 26.75 inches, girth 22.5 inches
Bait/Lure: white tube jig

Number 10​

Caught ShareLunker No. 433
by David Reavis of Sand Springs, OK
March 10, 2007 in Lake Fork
13.24 pounds, length 24.25 inches, girth 21 inches

Number 11​

ShareLunker No. 434
Caught by Dave Maltsberger of Lewisville, TX
March 20, 2007 in Lake Fork
14.04 pounds, length 25.75 inches, girth 20.75 inches​

Number 12​


ShareLunker No. 435
Caught by Rick Turner of Tyler, TX
March 23, 2007 in Amistad
14.5 pounds
Bait/Lure: 3/4-oz football head brown jig with a green pumpkin crayfish trailer​

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imonembad said:
I never get tired of seeing those big girls!

Neither do I, but it would be sweeter if one of those big girls was on the end of my line. :fishing02:

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Lake Fork is putting out some numbers......well they do pretty much every year. I just can't wait until Amistad does more. They were expected to keep up with Fork this year. Its still early.

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Let me know what you decide. I would love to go but its still too far away for me to decide.

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I might be going in May to Amistad. I have been wanting to go for a long time.

#10 above is barely a legal fish haha. The over is 24" and that fish barely was over. I always get a kick out of that as I have caught plenty of fish over 24" yet none of them are as heavy. Makes me mad that I catch the skinnier fish :)
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