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Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait

I also had great success with the Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait.
I also noticed that the Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait,
does not ROLL at all with the dual blades up top you can burn
this Spinnerbait as fast as you wish to and have no fear of it turning over to
one side or the other.

The dual blades spinning on the fall as another unique feature which I liked
as it looks a bit different then blades in front of each other on the fall.

With the short arm there is less back there to have a chance of a missed hook
set with smaller blades as the hook is exposed a lot more.

You can also remove the V part and use it as a real nice "short arm"

I landed a few fish with mine slipping in between the lilly pads and burning
it near the surface.

I also had a few hit it while it was on the drop

One thing I also liked on this new Spinnerbait was that it is compatible with
the other blades from the other Secret Weapon Spinnerbait, and it is made of
the same top notch quality.

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You can Visit their website below..

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I got mine in Sept. also. Been fishing with them and trying different things also. I have even put on 1 willow and 1 colorado blade at the same time and caught fish. I also like to fish them over hydrilla and when i get to a hole in the grass just kill it and let it flutter down and if a fish is there wham.
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