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Secret Weapon ® Buzzrbaits

Info From their Site

Can anything match the thrill of an enraged bucketmouth bass blowing up on
your buzzbait as it chatters and gurgles across a submerged grass bed in the
predawn light? Heart-pounding excitement too often turns to anguished disbelief
when the explosive strike fails to hook the fish. That’s one reason that many
anglers refuse to fish buzzbaits as much as they might like. Now, Secret Weapon
increases the odds in their favor, and they’re putting buzzbaits back in the top
tray of anglers’ tackle boxes.

What we’ve done is taken one of the pros’ customizing tactics and
incorporated it into the lure’s design. Anglers who paid attention during
pro-bass seminars may recognize the idea of adding a spinner blade behind the
buzz prop.

The idea has been floating around for a decade or more. There are even one or
two buzzbaits on the market that attach small, swivel-mounted spinner blades
behind the buzz prop. Secret Weapon has taken the design to a new level of
versatility and performance.

In our buzzbaits, you’ll find the same quality components as in Secret
Weapon’s spinnerbaits.... Premium silicone skirts that still look new after
repeated outings. Mustad Ultra-point, long-shank, wide-gap hooks are the
sharpest and toughest they could find.The beautifully detailed, rock-hard
powder-coated, minnow-shaped head also reflects their attention to detail. The
shape helps it come through grass and weeds without hanging up, and a
trailer-keeper barb can be used to secure plastic trailers or rattle collars.

Unlike the spinnerbait, the buzzbait’s head is oriented sideways to create a
planer board head effect that lifts the lure high in the water even on very slow
retrieves. The head and components are well-balanced and well-matched so the
lures track true right from the package.

Secret Weapon uses a slightly heavier stainless steel wire in its frame than
most buzzbaits, and it holds up well fish after fish. Buzz-props are aluminum,
black powder-coated, or 24-gold plated, and Secret Weapon employs one extra step
in manufacturing that gives them a distinctive, satisfying squeak and rattle on
the retrieve — the recognizable mark of a premium buzzbait.

What comes next, though, is what really sets Secret Weapon’s buzzbait apart
from all others. Behind the rivet is a loop in the wire frame, to which is
attached one of Secret Weapon’s patented inline, Quick-clip spinner blade
attachments. The blade rotates around its free-floating shaft on fast retrieves
or twirls and flutters on extremely slow retrieves. This creates a flash and
commotion right above the lure’s hook. Bass, northern pike, and muskies zero-in
on the flashing blade rather than the spinning prop. On the strike, the
free-floating blade simply pivots out of the way for a unobstructed, solid
hookup. This explains the higher hookup ratio achieved with this lure.

This bait uses the same Quick-clip blade attachments that come with Secret
Weapon Spinnerbaits or that can be purchased separately wherever Secret Weapons
are sold. In seconds, without tools, you can swap out the spinner blade attached
behind the buzz prop. Do you want flash right above the hook point (instead of a
few inches in front)? Clip on a gold or nickel blade. Want to increase the
contrast of your lure silhouetted against the twilight sky? Use a black CO or
Indiana blade attachment. Turn your buzzbait into a "wounded minnow" by the
addition of a red spinner blade, or increase its “smallmouth appeal” by adding a
chartreuse blade.

The trailing spinner blade not only attracts more fish to the business end of
the bait, but it stabilizes the lure like the tail on a kite, making it less
prone to drift and lay-over. More importantly, the spinner blade increases the
drag (that is, the coefficient of friction in the water). You know how putting a
pork or plastic chunk on a buzzbait causes it to stay on the surface at slower
speed? Well, the trailing spinner blade likewise enables the user to s-l-o-w
down their retrieve to a crawl, eclipsing every other buzzbait in this respect.
Add a plastic chunk, and the bait just creeps along the surface! The bigger and
wider the blade, the more resistance is created and the higher and slower the
lure runs.

We are serious about catching more fish, so we package a 3/0 Mustad trailer
hook and keeper with the lure. Many topwater bassin’ experts consider a trailer
blade an essential component for successful buzzbaiting. Unless you’re throwing
the lure back into the thickest of buckbrush or willows, we recommend you add
the trailer hook on every cast. Sometimes bass miss the front hook entirely and
are taken on the trailer hook. Another advantage to their use is that many times
bass don’t get a secure bite on the main buzzbait hook, but in thrashing around
the trailer hook sinks home to give you a backup in case the main hook comes

Incredible sound.... more flash and foam right above the hook.... slower
retrieves.... better positioning in the water.... all these add up to more hits,
better connects, and more fish in the boat. It’s time to add another Secret
Weapon to your angling arsenal!

Lures are available in three sizes — 3/16-, 5/16-, and 9/16-ounce — and in
four models: Midnight Snack (black ice head, black/blue skirt, black
powdercoated buzzprop and spinner blade); Wounded Minnow (silver shad head,
white/bloodline skirt, aluminum buzzprop, red blade); Chartreuse and White
(Chartreuse/White head and skirt, 24-karat gold-plated buzzprop and spinnerblade);
and White Shiner (white shad head, white shiner skirt, aluminum buzzprop, nickel

My Review

I took these Buzzrbaits out on 3 fishing trips, and was pleased with the
results they had,
They came up fast in the water, and stayed on plane easily, the Wire was
thicker then other buzzbaits I have fished which gave me confidence to toss them
into real messy slop and areas that had entanglements of wood and debris without

I was able to retrieve this Buzzrbait slower for those finicky bass which
resulted in a few lazy bass becoming victim to this Buzzrbait . I would not have
landed them on most other buzzbaits as they would have been sunk at that slow

They also do not shy away on a higher speed for those days that they are
The bait stayes up on plane nicely and does not pop out of the water for
those times when they want it a little faster.
I have found some other buzzabits like to pop up out of the water on a fast
and here is why , "The trailing spinner blade not only attracts more
fish to the business end of the bait, but it stabilizes the lure like the tail
on a kite, making it less prone to drift and lay-over. More importantly, the
spinner blade increases the drag (that is, the coefficient of friction in the

Overall I give the Secret Weapon ® Buzzrbaits a Thumbs Up

You can read about and purchase them via the link below

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Thanks for the review. I have several of these buzzbaits also and find the are great in the slop. I toss them up in matted hydrilla and bring them back and when they get to the edge wham. That extra blade attached just gives it more flash that drives fish crazy. Will be going to the lake this weekend and I have already got one tied on.
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