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secret crappie tip

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A trick I have been doing for years is to go crappie fishing during opening weekend of deer season. There is usally no one on the water which makes for a nice day, besides I don't like hunting with crazyass half drunk people which seem to dominate my area. The crappies act alot like they do in the spring with out all the people trying to catch them. They will be right up on the banks or suspended under docks. I love to fish the crack that seperates two docks. I fish jigs mostly because that is my prefrence but i'm sure that minnows would work as well. I like some thing that is in a shad patern with some kinda tail that swims. good luck.
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secrets out now!!!


One more week and its deer season! I can't wait to go fishing! I went to test the waters yesterday NOV.-06-06 and I had a hard time finding the fish as a matter of fact I'd say I didn't find them at all. But it was cold and the moon was wrong and I didn't have on my lucky hat and a black cat ran accross the road in front of me so forth and so on.
I hear that!!

Fall crappie fishing is so much better than spring fishing. No crowds and the general size of the fish is bigger! Man we got some slabs this fall. Only thing better is catchin' them through the ice ;D
Its been a weird fall here in missouri it got cold real fast and now it has mellowed out but the fishing is different. I agree about fishing through the ice I am far enough south that we don't have a lot of the ice fishing specialities equipment and we have alot of green ice that is spooky to say the least. Drew
I've been catching mostly crappie this winter, and they are NICE sized, from about 1-2# to qualify for the livewell. They are holding on steep slopes next to thick submerged timber, and around the deepest brush piles.

Baits are spin-tails like Blakemores and Rooster Tails, or SLOW trolling round headed 1/16 oz jigs with 2" Kalin Tenneessee Shad curly grubs.. Depth runs 10' on warm days, down to 40'. I switch to the spin tails for deep.

Good eatin! Wife ordered a freezer full.

Thanks for the tip Jim, I am in the process of recarpeting my boat and have been off of the water for two weeks now I am starting to get irritable ;D. I am by no means a carpet layer it sucks.
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