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Search baits

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I'm curious how long will you fish a certain color search bait before you switch? I've never been in this situation before but trying to locate the fish in pre fishing for this weekends tourney has left me empty handed. I don't know if I'm sticking with a search bait too long and not paying enough attention to my situation or what all i know is tommorrow is the last day to pre fish and the score is Dave 0 bass...well they were laughing to hard to give me a definite number. Dave
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I do not know if this will help but I usally have my colors picked out.I will switch to a different lure before I will switch colors.Like if I start with a crank then to a spinner bait and o on.I will stck with colors that match the season.cranks(spring is redish)summer(blues and greens)fall(black and silver).That is just a quick look at how I start.
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