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Saying Hi, from NY...UPSTATE!

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I'm new and I've been poking around. Looks like a nice place!
I'm 41 from upstate NY. I'm married and have 1 daughter. Love the outdoors.
Fish some tournaments, a few BASS tour events. Love to compete and always trying to learn!
Looking forward to talking to you all!
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Its a pleasure to meet ya Scott! Welcome to the site nothing but good people and alot of bass fishing know how! Hope you enjoy it here. :cheers: Dave
Welcome to The Bassholes Scott! :clap: I have relatives up your way and we have a staff memberwho is up that way too, Mike McKay. Make yourself at home. :cheers:
Welcome Scott, glad to have ya, lookf forward to your post
welcome to the site scott.
glad you could join us
where in upstate NY???

I am in baldwinsville, right outside of Syracuse
WElcome aboard
Mike McKay said:
where in upstate NY???

I am in baldwinsville, right outside of Syracuse
I live in East Chatham, just outside Albany.
Do you fish Oneida much? LOVE that lake! :thumbup01:
I have a sister and brother n law north of Albany, near Lake George.

You can look at the troute he caught ( its here somewhere )
Fish4Fun, I'll look it up, I'm about 45 minutes from lake George. Nice country up there.

Mike, I'm Jealous! I LOVE that lake! If I could fish Oneida and Champlain the rest of my life, I would be content. I'm convinced there are more smallmouth in that lake that any other I've ever fished. ANGRY smallmouth! Care to share any secrets? :dunno:
ill make you a deal, i have a tournament on lake george this year, come on up and prefish it with me because i have never had the pleasure,

and you will get any secret you want! lol

and if you are coming down here to fish anytime, there is ALWAYS room on my boat for a fellow basshole!!!

name the day my freind :)
welcome man good to more people I am new myself and so far I love this fishing hole :tbh_flag: hope we all can see eachother one day on the water reeling in those bad boys we love to chase :baitmonkey: if anyone is comeing to missouri soon give me a hollar and I will do my best to be as help as possiable and maybe we can wet a hook together well god bless all !!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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