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Santee Spawn Still On!Nice St Clair Smallie!

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The Santee bite for me has been slow for me with the water temp. up to 93 degrees lately but while out on what was a very slow day Wed. I boated 2 bass between 6 & 7 lbs within 7 minutes of each other and neither one had spawned & I didn"t get a photo of them.Today I was out for a 1/2 day trip & 2 of the bass boated were between 6 & 7 lbs & one was well into the spawn & the other just starting,as you tell by looking at the tales.I have caught June spawn bass before but 4 in 2 trips is unusual.

The 2nd photo is a 5.4 smallie ( 1 of many)I caught on the trip to Lake St Clair a couple of weeks ago.I love that lake!

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