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4 FT above normal pool. 1-25-07, blue bird skies, 51 - 53 degrees, very tough. Went to new area around mid-lake. some how managed to catch 2. both came from inside grassline, 6 - 10 ft.
Last week done very well had 9 bites, easy 14lbs. inside grass line 4 - 8 ft. the water was 2 ft. above pool and overcast. Fished from 9 - 3 both days. Rayburn is on a steady rise with the main lake being warmer than most coves. Considering thats my first 2 times on old Sam, (pre-fishing for the Bassmaster series Feb. 11.) I'm pretty satisfied. With 3 weeks left, I have a lot of "looking around" to do. Hopefully the bass will hit the bushes by then.

Be versatile......"JUNK FISH"
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Sounds like you had a good day on the water. Please keep us updated on this lake.
There should be a good trip bite this time of year.
Just rolled in from a 3 day pre-fish trip. The water is around 3-3.5 ft high and falling. 50 degree at night and moving to 55 in the day. Most fish are being caught "point related", there are some fish trying to move up in the brush. A c-rig is my last resort, so I've been flippin', crankin' crazy! :mad: Yesterday I caught a 3,4,and a 9+ in less than 7 ft. of water. I quit fishing the area to idle around and graph it out. I feel pretty confident about that spot, just hope they cooperate Sunday.................keep ya posted!! C.WLY
Chad, Keep me posted. I am fishing Livingston on the 17th but still very interested in Rayburn activity.
Good luck Chad!! I hope they stay for you. Don't be scared to check deep or shallow you know they aren't going far.
You guys are hard to convince, read "late season" and "cold, cold, cold"," males form females" posts. I had this conversation on the BassInsider board "Texas lakes", you might want to go there and read that.
Bass move up when the water raises during the warm water periods. Cold water coming into a lake cools down the water column and sets back the calender periods. The majority of the bass will be in deeper water on the outside breaks, deeper points and less affected by cold water in the deeper sections of the lake, like the dam area.
Tom, You think those fish will pull out completely If the water cools off to much? I think they will back off but not completely. I don't have your resume though, just what I have experienced. The experience I have had is with water getting warmer not back and forth.
imonembad said:
Tom, You think those fish will pull out completely If the water cools off to much? I think they will back off but not completely. I don't have your resume though, just what I have experienced. The experience I have had is with water getting warmer not back and forth.
My guess would be the bigger bass have not moved up yet and will stay deeper until the water warms up to at least 55 degrees in 5 to 10 feet of water. This doesn't mean that a few big bass won't be cruising on occasion. locating staged bass is what everyone should be doing during late winter to pre-spawn transition, that is where you can catch several quality bass needed to win tournaments.
I agree totally. Thats what I was trying to get across.
Well, Hmmmmmm, Ha, where do I start?
The first BASS Series of the year, and I'm pumped, on fish, just go and get'em! The worst tourney of my life!! I went 4 for 13; YES 13 bites and landed 4! The fish were still there, (from previous post). Should have been culling at 8:30! They would not cooperate. I tried downsizing, hooks,line,scent,my confidence "tinkered" baits, a few prayers along the way, would not touch it. Every time I would pick up "1 particular bait" I'd get bit. Fish would not hold on,fast hooksets,let them eat-it hooksets, still a missed fish. BLEW MY MIND! In the end a whopping 13 lbs. ends up winning, ON RAYBURN!!! It was previously taking 25+ for a 1st place check! I did manage a top 20 finish so I got a few points. The bigger "missed" fish were still in the 6-7 ft range, while the 4 smaller male fish were in the 2-4 ft range. Water still falling. Water temps dropped to 52 at mid-day.
Next is March 4th, so I'll be back to giv'em hell!!!!
Hang in there Bro. You got the points thats what is important at the end of the season the wins will come but being consistant is where you are measured. Good job!!
You didn't do bad this time so good luck to ya next go round.
2/26-28/07 - water/1ft. above pool//temp 56 morning to 63 on a sunny day -
Fish are SLOWLY coming to the bushes, not all bushes might I add!! I found a few fish in 4 or 5 different spots. No big fish all week, just 2-3 lbrs.(males) I feel if I can get a limit of 2.5 average and catch a kicker, may not win, but still be in there. My roommate caught a 7.12 in 3 ft. water, so there comming!
In previous post, 2/16/07, the last storm muddied up the water, felt as if I was fishing in chocolate milk. "not good". Had to start over! More info after BASS Series Sunday!!
BASS SERIES    3/4/07  water  .5 over pool//59 - 63 degree surface
Flipped all day,2 - 5 ft water.  weighed in 14lbs.  finished 4th.  :victory: :dance01:
That should help my points from my last 20th place finish!

Moved me up to 6th overall!
Nice outing. I only fished Sam Rayburn one time and that was a tournament several years ago. I was the non boater. We fished in the bushes and I caught a few nice ones on a spinnerbait in some lay down logs. Flipping seems the way to go in that lake from what I remembered.

Good job.
Great job and go get 'em.
WATER...................164.11 MOSTLY CLEAR
SURFACE TEMP.........70 - 75
any fishing reports ?

Sam Rayburn is 164.08. The water temperature is mid 80s . The water has
been clear to around 3 ft

This week they have been releasing a lot of water at the dam. We have
had a
lot of rain but not as bad as it has been to the north of us. So the
level has gone up and down. The water is still clear to around three
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