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Saline/Larto Complex

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ALBC - "Big Bayou Bass Club" held their first tournament out of Woodson's landing on the coldest, nastiest day of the year!  Freezing air temps., 100% rain, not to mention the water rose 9 inches overnight at a chilling 46 degree surface temp. STILL, drew a crowd of 22 boats.
1. Stetson Mcgraw & Tyson Laprarie        12lbs. 14oz.     
2. Wallace Woodson & Kevin Woodson      7lbs. 6oz.
3. Brian Lucas & Jim Cobaugh                  5lbs. 0
4. Keith Miller & Ricky Fuqua                    3lbs 8oz.
Big Bass    Stetson Mcgraw                    4lbs 8oz.

  Believe it or not, under these conditions,this lake really turns on this time of year, MINUS THE RISING WATER! Rising water, on this lake, this time of year it gets really tough. Once the water crest and begins to fall, LOOK OUT!  I've seen 20+ lb. sacks win year round on this lake.
                For more info on this club go to


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1/18/07 water 54.6 normal pool
This lake is finally starting to turn on. Caught 9 today, flipping trees close to the creek channel. Black/red jig. Best 5 at 15.2 including a 6.2 sow out 6ft of water. By the weekend the fish should be on the banks next to cypress trees, buckbrush, and green grass. Spinnerbaits/jigs will be the deal!
No photos, I went solo.
1/24/07 -- 1st annual C.C.A. tournament -- 57 boats
water 61.4 -- 30-40mph winds/rain storms -- 65-70 air temps.

The bass got a reality check, they got smoked on this lake today! Me and my partner had 20.54lbs. and finished 4th. 25lb.-1st/$1000......22lb.-2nd/$600........21lb.-3rd/$500.
We got a check for $400 so we made a little profit.
Our fish were caught in the same area I caught the 15lbs. (previous post) but just a bit shallower 2-4 ft water. Black/red jig and a blade. "the key" -- cypress trees/green grass (hydrilla) and American Rodsmiths 7'2" magnum grass stick.
Went to Saline today caught 15 or so (wasn't counting). All fish came off a blade, in 3 - 6ft grass, near deeper water. All between 1 - 4 lbs. By myself, no pre-fishing, no tournaments, just a relaxing day. haven't done that in a while!! :fishing01:
Congratulations to the winners of the 7th (Big Bayou Bass Club) 2007 tournament on July 7th at Saline/Larto
Shawn Daze' & Greg Thompson 9 lbs 08 oz
Lance Shepard & Jason Bordelon 8 lbs 14 oz
Landon Woodson & Leslie Woodson 8 lbs 02 oz

Big Bass Shawn Daze' 4 lbs 02 oz

I miss fishing this club....................GREAT bunch of guys!!!!!!! congrats :victory:


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Place Angler 1 Angler 2 # Fish Pounds Winnings Points

1 Chad Wiley Rodney Wiley 5 13.58 $1,550.00 113.58

2 Doug Bergeron Brandon Bergeron 5 11.97 $700.00 110.97

3 Chuck Ballard Gene David 5 11.40 $349.00 109.40

4 John Callendar Berch Wilbert 5 11.21 $230.00 108.21

We caught our fish on a blade early (grass), then switched to a heavy jig later in the day. Keyed in on cypress trees in 4 - 6 ft water surrounded with grass and lilly pads. Thanks to my 7'2" magnum grass stick (American Rodsmiths) I was able to horse three 3lbrs. out of the thick grass and pads for the win !!!!!!
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