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February 12, 2010


Bass fishing is slow and the lake is stained from the rains. Fish the main lake points away from the dirty water in the creeks. Around the islands use a large or small with the fire tiger suspending jointed crank bait. The mud lines from the rains need a good working over as well. Try to throw in shallow and let the bait dig in the bottom as much as possible. Digging up the bottom will trigger a lot of bites in the fall as well as the spring. Stay out of the backs of the smaller creeks. The bass aren't here and you can save the time for more productive fishing. Carolina rigged finesse worms are also working on or near any sharp bends of the rivers channels. Up lake use a small finesse worm in red shad worm. Downsize to 12 or 10 pound Sufix elite line and a ¼ ounce brass weight with a small glass bead for best results. Working the bait slowly is the key and letting it hang up in the numerous brush piles that are present will draw a good bite. Bass are holding very tight to heavy structure and by using this method, your chances of hooking the bigger fish increase
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