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Roland Martin

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My buddy Dennis called me today and said ' guess what ' ? I said ' what ' .Dennis says you not gonna believe this but Roland Martin is over here at the BPS ( In Orlando ) I said I didnt receive a flyer from BPS saying he'd be there.
Dennis says he is just there looking at some reels. So Dennis took a pic of him on his cell phone and showed me it just a few minutes ago.

I told the sorry dog he could of asked if I wanted to go this morning ;D
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Sometimes its amazing who you can meet at BPS. Janet parker was at the one in Nashville awhile back.
I wish I had a BPS closer to me. Closest one I have is 2 hours away at the beach.

Roland is cool! I got to meet him and his wife at the 2005 classic at the Triton Mercury Media Party. Hes as "large" in real life as he is on the screen. He was hanging out toking on a big fat cigar. lol
By the way, welcome to the site Fisherpal :) :cheers:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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