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My parents and I got up this morning, around 5:30 and went out to the Rocky Mountain PFA. We were hoping that we could duplicate an outing we had 3 weekends ago, when we managed to get 9 catfish, ranging from 3/4 lb., up to the 13 lb. 13 oz. kitten I caught.

I got to the location we fished before they showed up, so naturally, I had my topwater ready and going, hoping that some bass would cooperate. The bait of choice for the morning edition was a Zoom Blue Glimmer Super Fluke. The exact area we fished is a tunnel that connects two lakes together, which also happens to be the home of several nesting birds. Bird poop= bait = predators. Well, at least that's the theory that was excercised (and proven right that first time).

I started fishing the fluke around the tunnel, and managed to get a bass to blow up on it right off. No hook-up though. 3 casts later, a nice 2 lbs. bass was sitting on my thumb. I set it on the bank, so I could go back to the truck to get the basket, and when I returned, it was gone. My only guess is that this bass was smart enough to know that where I had left him was a decent incline, and he used that to his advantage to get back to the lake. I switched to the other side, when my parents showed up, and got another skinny bass, but it shook off as I was lifting it from the water.

They fished the tunnel with shrimp with no luck, and I walked around the area hoping that some bass would be associating to a point where I have caught numerous bass before. Now, you must understand, this lake is almost a full 6 inches below normal, which HAS NEVER HAPPENED. There was some current pushing through the area and the wind was blowing, but it wasn't enough to make a significant difference in anything. Yet, for some odd reason, there were fishing chasing threadfins aggressively. I continued to fish the fluke over a flat, where I could see bass cruising, and it got pummeled several times, but I never got hooked up. Finally, a small bass proved to be bass enough to take the fluke.

I knew that the shad they were chasing were smaller than the fluke I was using, so I made the decision to change over to a small Sugoi Splash that I bought from a tackle store that is close to my house. I tied it on, and after 3 casts to the same flat where the fluke was abused, a bass destroyed the topwater bait, and the fight was on. A nice 12" bass decided that the little bait was lunch, and after getting a pic on my cell phone, he was let go.

Another dozen casts produced nothing, until I happend to put the lure over the same rock pile I had caught the bass I just mentioned. I twitched it twice, and the bass nailed it so hard, that I just about had a heart attack. (That's why I LOVE topwater fishing) After a nice little fight, another 12" bass was CPRed and was no worse for the wear.

The only other fish that were caught were a few bluegills, which were all released. There were a ton of un-identifyed fish swimming around. They were either big cats or big carp. In either case, they weren't in the mood to tango with us.

Discussions with anglers fishing from boats showed that the fishing was equally though in the open water.
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