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River Trent, Derbyshire England

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Another great week end with the lads,
Arrived on Thursday to be greeted by Mark and Larry.

10Bob arrived a little while later, we had a stroll to peg one to have a look, all of a sudden the heavens opened, very heavy rain ansued, thunder and lighting followed, We all ran for cover, Robbo and myself got soaked to the skin in a 50yard dash to the car LoL
, We later found out that a mini TORNADO had hit the area.

Anyways the river, YES the river, it was rising at an alarming rate, :wacko: we kept a close eye on it throughout the ramainder of the day, Later on it was decided to retire to the nearest hostelry for some .pint

Friday morning, awoken by the big cargo planes that use the midlands airport at 4AM stop.gif
I had a few little cat naps in the bivvy, then i heard, ITS FLOODED, oh heck i thought, I got out of the bivvy to be greeted by the Trent in flood.
Throughout the day was a scary time, we were wondering if we would have to move the bivvyville to higher ground.

Luckily the rain stayed away and the river started to fall.

A few hardy souls did get some fishing done on the Friday, Robbo fished peg two, he was smashed three time clean on 15lb line :wacko:
The river continued to drop off
Anyways i fished for about 5 hours during the whole week end and managed to end up fishless
The weekend as usual was a great success with the lads, good fun even with the river in flood, good food again by Ian, great crack with the lads and some good nights in the Brookefield Club biggrin.gif

There was fish caught, Barbel to 8lb+ two chub to 4lbs and a 1.5lb barbel

The flood, the fishing platform are completely under water

10Bob braving the flood

Nigel taken this morning on peg one

High water

Robbo on peg two this morning

John showing his delight at catching the 8lb+ barbel

One of the offending planes LoL

This picture was taken at a nearby fishery, a carp cruising for free bread offerings

Sunset over the Trent

With the river some 6foot higher the conditions were very hard,
Anyways, i had 15mm boilies on my hook, hair rigged, flavoured with Archie Braddock Barbel Magic, then i had 21mm Halibut pellet, hair rigged, as hook bait, halibut pellets in PVA bags to get some feed into the swim. Also put somE swim stim Koi pellets into the swim

Aslo had PVA stocking to use, not very traditional methods but a sure way to get feed into a tight spot

But with the rate of speed of the river i thought it was a waste of feed, so i stopped,
I fished the slacks on peg one, had one bite/nibble , but nothing came of it.
It was nigh on impossible to hold bottom in the fast paced sections,
The best place was in the margins, slack water and a good place for the fish to rest, or so i thought

Another cracking week end with the lads
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Most excelent report and pics, Andy
Jump on the plane and join us good Sir, have some good ole English fishing with BIG LONG RODS :D

There will be a warm welcome for you Rodney :cheers:
I wished I could Andy. Who knows, maybe one of these I will have the $$ to slip over there for awhile.
Easy Jet mate, cheap as chips, LoL another quaint English saying for you mate
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