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Had a jaunt down with Daz last night, starting fishing at 5pm finished at 10pm

We went to our new club waters, when we got there the weather was very humid, altho we did get a spot of rain, we set up and started to fish, we travelled very light, we were after Barbel or the Chub,

Here's a view opposite our pegs

I had pellets for baits, now freebies, some one said i dont need em ??
Daz was feeding feeder pellets in PVA bags, he was getting a lot of interest in his hookbaits, Daz missed one almight wrap around bite on MEAT,

Daz did manage to get a small chublet out, sorry no picture

Here's Daz on his peg, doing an imitation of Neil LoL.

Here's my rod

I enjoyed every minute of our time on the bankside, listening to the wildlife and watching it. A very vivid blue Kingfisher flew past us, what a sight.

One the opposite bank there was something roaming about in the woods, although we never saw what it was, human or beast ?? dont know

Under the over hanging tree's on the opposite bank there was a good sized fish frolocking about, chub, barbel, pike ?? Next time i'll be better prepared

I had a stinging sensation on my right thumb, !!!! i thought i had been stung by a nettle, on looking down i saw a UGE, and i mean HUGE spider, at least 1.5inches across, the danged thing had bitten me.

I was like a maniac jumping about trying to get it off my coat, LoL
i CAN IMAGINE IT THINKING, ha ha got you

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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