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I saw an $18 dollar buzzbait on ebay today. I love Lucky Crafts, but this was an Evergreen. Nothing special that I could see about it, except hte price tag.
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Wow! 18 bucks?? I seriously doubt I have ever seen ANY Buzzbait worth that.
you want to hear something funny I bought my first luckycraft lure not long ago and on the second cast pop it went flying never to be seen again. 15 bucks down the drain.
That does suck! I watched a guy do that the other week and we never even saw the splash.
Not my first LC, but my first ghost minnow pointer dissapeared that way. My second, I got the feeling that it was the lure of the day. On the second cast, I saw a HUGE flash about 15-20 feet from the boat. I set the hook too hard. I still haven't thrown my third one. It sure is a pretty color, though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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