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Rays vs WhiteSox

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The wife and I went to see the Chicago WhiteSox vs the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last night ( which was aired on ESPN II )
It was an exciting game that the Devil Rays pulled out against the defending World Champs. ( took 2 out of 3 from them ;D ) Final score 5 - 4 .

The seats we was in, was right behind the left fielder. We was 3 rows back . During batting practice my wife had to move because she was trying to eat and the balls kept coming in our direction lol .

We have 6 more games that we will be going to this year down in St. Pete ( thats where the Devil Rays actualy play at... not Tampa ) The wife got some package deal from them . You buy 6 games and get the 7th free.
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What is even more incredible, or scary...............Detroit has the best record in the AL? The same team that only won like 23 games last year.........and they are doing better than the Sox? The Sox aren't rebuilding...........they reloaded, and their top gun is firing on all cylinders..............that being Jim Thome. With his bat in the line-up, I would say that the Sox are the favorites to win the Series again this year.

And I have good news, my Braves are finally playing 500 ball! They are 21-20. Of course, that is the Braves' signature.................start out slow to start the year, about 1/4 of the way through the season, they start playing with a purpose...........the All-Star break comes around.............they start the second 1/2 of the season slow........and then they become barn-burners to get the division. So, if history repeats itself, it looks like the Braves are right on track.
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