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Randy Howell's Santee Elite Tourney null and void.

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Randy Howell, from Alabama, has come forward and admitted to having assistance during the Santee Cooper Elite Tournament.

BASS says that he will turn over all money won in the tournament, will lose the standing that he gained in the tournament, will receive no points.

First it was KVD, then Alton Jones, and now Randy Howell. Can we consider this the year of the DQ in BASS?
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I think it took a lot of courage to come forward like Randy did. He did the right thing though. I cant stand anglers that get outside help locating fish for tournaments. We had a guy (wont mention any names) that did that a lot for Santee tournaments and he was near impossible to beat on Santee. I havent seen anything about him in a while now though so Im not sure if he gave it up or what.
Randy Howell has released his comments about the situation surrounding his forfeit of the 21st placing, the points associated with the finish, and the prize winnings from the tournament at Santee Cooper.

Click the following link to check it out.
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