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Questions and Comments for XCalibur Lipless Crankbait Share-A-Bait

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microtek60 said:
What happens if a fish takes it or you land a huge stump.
If Im not mistaken that ends this go around with this lure and we start one with a new lure... the new lure is chosen and obtained by the person who lost the previous.
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Questions and commenst for XCalibur Lipless crankbait Share-A-Bait

are those hooks or anchors??????????? :redratltrap: :redratltrap:
holy crap i need a better camera. lol
looks sweet
we already have snow again .
i am starting to HATE this state.
went wading on tuesday 79 degrees in waist beep water with a tee shirt on.
now i need to get my carharts back out.
for you florida folks carharts are for when it gets really cold and they help keep you warm :rofl1: :rofl1: :rofl1:
it's like 28 out now and the suns out
just gets warm enough to melt last nights snow then the temp drops and the snow comes again luckily not very much tho.
spring will come someday
:cry01: :cry01: :cry01:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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