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Questions and Comments for XCalibur Lipless Crankbait Share-A-Bait

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microtek60 said:
What happens if a fish takes it or you land a huge stump.
If Im not mistaken that ends this go around with this lure and we start one with a new lure... the new lure is chosen and obtained by the person who lost the previous.
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Questions and commenst for XCalibur Lipless crankbait Share-A-Bait

KeithsCatch said:
That is the very bait. I took this picture so you are looking at what we all will be using.
Take in how perrrrrtty it looks now yall, because before long, its gonna look a lot different I am guessin lol
KeithsCatch said:
As luck would have it another cold front made it here to Florida just in time for the weekend. Man this is getting old. It was gorgeous all week long till tonight. Low in the low 50's and highs tomorrow only mid to high 60's. with of course the usual 15-25mph winds this time out of the NNW.
Same here. Totally annoying! Its been like this for the last 3 tournaments. Beautiful for the weeks approaching then WHAM! the bottom drops out a day or two before the tournament lol
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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