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Presentation techniques

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Just discovered this and was surprised to see the Horizontal Jig article posted, didn't need to email it. Glad some of you enjoyed it, it's a little dated and need to up date a few things, like SuperPork trailers and Gamakatsu hooks etc.
So this where I should post techniques like Finesse C-Rig etc.!
We have the Pre-Spawn coming up so maybe something on Swim Bait presentation and tips would be appropriate. I did post "Swim Baits"and "jigs" in General Discussion, however there are some details to share.
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Keep them coming Tom I have the attention span of a fish or is that the memory of a fish. Something like that I can't remember.
I did enjoy your jigging article im trying to get better at at and hopefully make jig fishing my strength not my weakness. Thanks again Tom. Dave
Hey, Tom, as I understand it there are two different kinds of swimbaits-hard and soft. I would like to learn more about them, esp. the hard type, as this is what I own, and am looking at another. The one I have is a Lobina Lures Monster Jack baby, bluegill pattern, and the one I am looking at is one I sw on the "resource", name unknown. However, I am also considering a Mattlures Sunfish and baby bass pattern, so anything you can teach on these subjects will be GREATLY appreciated. ;)
I've used a regular 1/8 & 1/4 oz. jighead with a white skirt & a white ZOOM swimmin chunk around docks & over the tops of weeds. It works pretty good & the open hook means I don't miss many bites. I use spinning gear with 8-10 lb test mono on a 61/2 to 7 foot med action rod. There are times it is dynamite. I want to do more with swimming jigs through the weeds this year, what would you recomend?
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