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Well Bryan and i did some prefishing recently for a tournament that we're probably gonna try to do the last one out there this year and then a bunch next year, but it's a fun lake. Tons of channels with pads and weeds and docks and everything i like to fish, and the main lake is lined with docks that all have potential for decent fish. Bryan broke off to a 5+ on a spinnerbait bumping it off of docks and i had a big fish wrap itself around a rope under a dock and break off lol ( i hate that) But here are a few of the many fish we boated in the past few days. Nothing giant, but good solid tournament fish for sure

Came on a sizmic toad

also on the toad

This last pic is a fish from Bryans dads old apartment that we checked out a few days ago and plucked this guy out of the golf course lol
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Those are some nice looking fish Bery.  :clap:
Good luck in the tournament!  :cheers:

by the way... you need a haircut.. I am almost didnt recognize you lol Just kiddin lol I have no room to talk with my mop of hair and my grizzly adam bearded face lol
lol haha Jared :D

My parents said that too but then i told them its my guitar hair, and then people kept saying "oooo adam i love your hair" so they don't want me to cut it anymore lol :D
Ya dern HIPPIE you lol . I recall giving your buddy heck for his needing a haircut :D

Nice looking fish Adam, I especialy like the last one ( the sun hitting it just right to make it ' glisten' )
"Guitar hair"? What are you in an emo band? :D

Just razzin' ya man!

All decent fish, hope you do well in the tournament!
I guess that I will have to get a pic of my haircut and show Adam what it's all about! ;D Great looking fish, bud. Hope that you all kick some bass in the tourney. ;)
lol thanks guys :) throw beverages at emo bands....lo
For some reason I can't view your pictures. Do you move them around or change anything to there settings at where you host your pictures.

I know if I post a picture and then go back to where the pictures are hosted at (photobucket) and change some settings on the pictures or move them to another folder that they won't display anymore on the forum. I would have to go back and re-post them.

Then again it could just be my computer.
wow :mad: now i'm angry. I have to say thanks for noticing that first :)

But the place that i hosted my pictures at was at And the whole thing is gone and i don't know if chuck deleted it or what, but 19 pages of pictures that i didn't have anywhere else are all gone ??? So i'm gonna find out what the problem is because he or someone deleted my page of articles a while back too :(

Thanks for catchin' that bigtex you were exactly right :)
Not a problem. I hope you get it fixed because I really want to see, oh and the hair that everybody is talking about. LOL
haha lol thanks ;D I pm'ed chuck so hopefully he'll be able to help :)
I hope you backed those pictures up on a CD , Adam.

Was Chuck hosting your site as well , or just where you had the pictures stored at ?
I see he was hosting the site as well, just went to your site ( had it saved )

Theres some free sites you can use.  Listed are 2 samples
hey awesome :) Thanks for the help Rodney I appreciate it. I'll see what i can get goin' and see if i can get the pics all back :) I'll check those sites out
Fish4FunInFl said:
I see he was hosting the site as well, just went to your site ( had it saved )

Theres some free sites you can use. Listed are 2 samples

Am I the only one on this forum that uses photobucket to store my pictures. It is free as well. Is there something wrong with this site that I don't know about and might need to find out before something bad happens?
No, I use PhotoBucket as well. Haven't had a problem with it yet. I need to get on there and delete some of the pictures that I don't need anymore, though. 8)
No Tex, Photobucket is a good site for storing images.
Tex, I store photos on PhotoBucket.

The links I provided are for your own website for free. ( message board similar to this one of Jared's )

If you click the link on my sig where it says ' south lake bass anglers ' That site was created for free on one of the links I posted for Adam. Then I link my photos from photobucket to it.
Nope :) I use photobucket every once in a while too, i just mainly like using my gallery because it's cool to look at and easy to share also :) Thankfully chuck fixed it for me and said there was no problems anymore and its all good lol
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