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Prefered Jig Size?

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What is the most consistent weight you use when fishing with a jig?

I would have to say 5/16 oz. Although I will be using a 3/4 and a 1 oz at Lake Fork in March. I have never fished with anything that weighs that much. I use 1/8ths 1/4ths and like I said before, 5/16ths
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The most common size I use is 3/8 oz. I've used smaller and have used bigger but 3/8 seems to be my "go to" weight.
There was a time way back when all I had was 3/8 oz jigs because I had one mold to make those. But now I never tie one on without thinking through what I need out there. If wanting a super slow fall in shallow water I might go with a 1/4 oz or lighter jig with an oversized trailer. The extreme would be a 1.5 oz grass jig for punching through a weed mat. In between I might want a 3/4 oz jig for swimming a certain depth above bottom in 20' of water on heavy line. I might want a 1/2 oz jig as a sinker for a drop shot in 15'. A 1/8 oz hair jig might be perfect for a float&fly application.

To be honest, I dont throw a jig much at all . ( as in jig n pig ) But when I do throw one, it is mainly a 1/2 oz.
I too like the 5/16 that jewel jigs puts out.
I have what feels to be a ton of jigs when I lift the jig bag. In fact, people have made fun of the ole jig bag any time they lift it. But if I had to just pick one weight, I would have to say it would be the 3/8 oz. Actually, there is no real reason other than that is the weight I have the most confidence in and it makes up the majority of my jig collection. :D
If I am fishing for spots, I like a 3/16 oz jig best. For largmouths, usually I prefer either 3/8 or 5/8.
5/16 is my go to jig here. Reason being is that my waters have both smallies and largemouths and I feel a 5/16 is a ideal size for both. I own just about every size going and use what is appropiate for that giving spot, but always have a 5/16 tied on.
kinda funny, imo, this is the #1 most important part about fishiing a jig and their arent that many posts (unless i missed a thread) . I prefer 5/16 oz jigs but will go up to 3/4 or 1 oz depending on what the fish want. when i go out or switch to a jig i usually will rig up the same color jigs ( black w black /blue trailer usually a double tail skirted grub) in 5/16 , 3/8, 1/2, and 1 oz and give each at leas 30 min. then try and narrow it down from there depending on how their hitting it (lighter if on the fall , heavier if hitting on the bottom or punching through grass). i usually play with trailer action and rattles based on water color. i like rattles in the dirty water /heavy cover and a bigger trailer in lightly stained water (after a good rain) like a paca craw or yamamoto creature ;)
grendle said:
kinda funny, imo, this is the #1 most important part about fishiing a jig and their arent that many posts (unless i missed a thread)
If you noticed, the responce above yours was Jan 07.
Back before we realy had a good amount of members, so alot of good threads have little responces.

Im sure there are many GREAT threads burried that could use a little ' reviving '
I am a 3/8 man myself. Hopefully when I get a heavier rod I can use some more of the heavier jigs I have. If the jig feels to heavy for the rod I am using, it feels like it is loading up all the time, and it's nothing more than the weight of the jigs itself.

Over 80% of my jig fishing is with my own 7/16 oz jig with 5/0 Gammy hook, the balance is divided up with whatever weight is needed to present a jig under specific conditions.
3/8oz is what I use more than others - but will go heavier for deeper water and current situations.
3/8oz for normal but here on Ky Lake in the summer fishin 30 ft deep,,3/4 and sometimes 1oz
my go to is 3/8 oz too alot of the times anyway.
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