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Prayers requested.

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I am sure that most of the folks that know me on this board are familiar with the name of JR's Marina. Well, the man who owns it, JR Tucker, is in the hospital with cancer.

The last that I heard was that his entire body is covered in it. I don't know if there is anything that can be done, or if it's just a waiting game.

In any circumstance, I ask for prayers for JR and his family, and feel free to drop him an e-mail by going to Go to the "Contact" tab at the left, and drop an e-mail his way. I am sure that his family and he, as well, would love to get well wishes.
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to be honest, the person who posted this became very mouthy, arrogant, obnoxious and antagonistic to many of the members here and he was banned... not just once or twice but three times. I let him back after the first two bannings but the third time was a permanent one way ticket due to the fact that I gave him so much slack and so many chances.

So due to him being removed from the board for good, I, unfortunately, have no clue about the request. sorry.
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