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power plant lakes

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I'm wanting some advice on power plant lakes how to patern fish in water that never gets colder than 70 degrees in the discharge arm. It seems to be an all out feed bag and its all about the bait fish (gizzard shad) more than any thing else any advice or coments would be appreicated. thanks, Drew
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I have a power plant lake 15 miles from my house here in SC, called Lake Robinson. Right now if I were to go there, Id find water in varying temps from 40 to 70+ degrees. There is an area on the lake called "The Hot Hole" which is where the hot water from the power plant is discharged back into the lake. In this general vicinity it's possible to catch dozens and dozens of fish in the winter. Also, submerged grass seems prevalent all year round in this area. This of course holds tons of baitfish too. Working baits over the grass bed has always been a good producing pattern. Flukes and Shad Raps tear them up hardcore!

Also, like I said you can find colder water on the lake, Im going to guess you can on yours too. Some people like to find cooler more comfortable waters (to the bass) and fish deep in those areas. I've seen some hawgs caught by ignoring the hot hole area and doing this.

Other than the above, just treat it like any other lake.Pay close attention to water temp, because it will change drastically as you move around the lake and let the water temp dictate your presentation. No matter what season it is for you and how cold the air temp is, the fish's metabolism and activity is still dependant on the temps of the water it swims in.
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Well first of all ignore all of the regular patterns and fish just like you would in the Spring. If the water temp is 70 then it is a good bet bass are spawning right now in that lake just like they are down here in sunny Florida.

Time to take out the rattle traps, spinnerbaits, senko's and top water baits. Find grass edges, pockets and or reed lines and fish close to those with before mentioned baits. Around the discharge area it is good to throw carolina rigs. That used to be the ticket when I fished hot water lakes in Texas. We don't have any here in Florida that I know about. Heck the whole state is one big hot water lake haha.

If I where you I would be going to that lake every weekend and would be tearing them up since the rest of the lakes up there are either iced over or really cold. Hot water lakes can be awesome at times.

Good luck.
My lake fishes exactly like Jared discribed. There is the hot hole where the fish are stacked they get the crap knocked out of them but they seem to replenish almost hourly. I am interested in finding other paterns on the lake but have not had much success and its hard to stick with because of the knowledge that they can be caught in the hot hole. The last time I threw a rattle trap I hooked a giagantic striper thast shelled out my reel and broke me off.
I live by 2 power plant lakes. Lake Martin, also called Martin Creek, and Lake Cherokee. I could use this information as well. Thanks guys.
I use spoons,chrome rattle traps, or white spinnerbaits on Fairfield but in the summer the outlet gets to hot. I would try backing off from the discharge, anchoring up, and c-riggin with a 1/2 or3/4 oz. weight.
Tom, How was your trip I have been waiting patiently for your return to reply to this question. I have a tournament in two weeks on a power plant lake. We are in the third week of a deep freeze and looks like we are going to have at least one more.
Drew, the discharge site IS the deal with power plant lakes. I wouldn't bother looking elsewhere in cooler water until everything reverses in late spring. Then the bass and baitfish will be in the coolest areas. The prey and predator alike will seek the warmest water containing food. Some of the bass are going to drift back into cooler water to digest, conserving energy, returning to the warmer to feed. The full range of lures ought to work there, but reaction strikes seem to work best since the bass (in Arkansas power plant lakes & AR River) tend to fill their stomachs quickly and actual hunger feeding ends too quickly.

Jim, this is exactly what I have experienced. I tried to power fish them last year but accidentally found them on a finesse rig. (amateur partners what do they know?) I find it relay intriguing that they can't be found on other parts of the lake when its cold. Why would they bother everything they need is in the warm water arm? Thanks for the education. I would still like to hear Toms assessment. Later. Drew
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