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Portglenone, Ireland

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Wednesday 8th November
I was waiting at Belfast International Airport arrivals lounge when my mobile began to ring.

Hello Ron,i said

Where are you ?, said Ron, in the arrivals lounge, said i, I'll be there in a couple of minutes. I then picked up my bag and began to make my way out.

Outside i negotiated the traffic when i heard ANDY, i looked up and i saw who i thought was Ron, after a double take, my wave turned into a pointed finger, i could not take in who was there, not 100 yards away, i squinted my eye's to make sure it was who i was looking at, yes it was him MARK.a very ggod friend of mine. The two of them had kept it a secret from me that Mark was coming over. The greeting was done and then Ron, Becky and Nicky appeared from behind the bushes.
After a lot of chit chat about my suprise it was off to meet Shona. Another warm welcome i must say.


Portgelone, i had a good amount of roach, the river was cold, and a bit slow in running, but still very enjoyable, the craic was great, i never let Mark forget what he and Ron done to me,

Not many pictures were taken during the visit, the fishing was a bit hard, so it was action stations all round, but i did manage to get a few.

Above Ron with a typical roach

And below a typical roach to Marks rod

And last of all my favourite image, a reflection in the River Bann

We did manage a few of the black stuff, it was great to meet up with Sammy, Agnes and the locals again, the craic was mighty and the guinness was fine

looking upstream from peg 9

looking upstream from peg 7

Mark on peg 9

Here's a small Roach

Ron with his 5lbs-2ozs Bream

Another view of Ron's fish

Here's me relaxing after a hard days fishing

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Beautiful scenery, and I bet those bream put up a good fight.
The bream are like a sack of potoe's after about 5 seconds of fight LoL, they just sort of give up and wait until they are landed, then they decide to give a big slash when returned to the water :D :D
Hey Andy, sure sounds like yall had a great time . I know it had to be a big surprise that Mark was there as well. I reckon he couldnt let you have fun again without him. :dance01:

Did Colin show up for any of the fishing or the Pubs at night ? :coffee:
Thanks Rodney.

No Colin was hard at his studies for his degree, nor did we see him in the pub :(
All study and no fun makes for a grumpy Irishman lol
As we say over here Rodney

"He was as sick as a parrot " :D
Looks like you had a great time ANdy! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! :)

Do yall ever eat those bream? If they taste good, they look like theyd make a hearty meal ;-)
Your welcome Jared

No we are not allowed to take any coarse fish for the table,, altho some Eastern Europeans do take pike, roach and perch for the table, which is illegal >:D >:D
why do they call them coarse fish?
A member from posted this, i asked the members if they knew

I am led to believe they are called coarse fish as years ago fishing was for the elite and wealthy, specialising in the top end of the fish market i.e. salmon, trout etc.

The wealthy wanted the best for the table and all other fish were considered coarse and not suitable for aristocracy.
Ooo that makes sense! Interesting. Ive always enjoyed learning how phrases or terms came into being.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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