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Please update your personal profiles after registering. If you have your own website, please share it. If you need help with an avatar let us know. We want to get to know you and also help you get to know us. Have a great day and come back tomorrow!
Also, It would be great for all members to update their profile. Add a pic, your age, an avatar, your state, anything that helps another relate to you. This will become the best basshole around! Thanks all!
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How!! I'm from missouri and you have to show me. As I have noted before I'm the hickest one trying to use this thing to communicate on. help me! Drew
imonembad, go to the top of the page under your user name, there is a menu with Home, Help, Search, Profile, etc. Click on profile and go from there. If you need anymore help just let me know.
Good job! Now you can call yourself "computer savvy"... ;)
If you don't add your birthday we can't wish you a happy one!
Please keep us updated with your information... Because... we love you :dance01:
mary dean said:
Because... we love you :dance01:
M... O... U... S... E?


ok ok ok, i know.. cheesey humor lol

oh wait.. mouse... cheese..hmm lol ok now im really shuddin up LOL!
LCW, that is funny!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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