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Please welcome doctordeath16

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Welcome to The Bassholes. I hope you will tell us more about yourself and your name :dunno:. Enjoy your stay!
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I think he makes spinnerbaits and jigs in Dalton GA. I've been there done that got the t-shirt. If thats who you is, man, I need to get a website from you. I may be wrong about who he is, but welcome to the bassholes either way.
Sorry to disappoint you, but the name is only an old joke from by baseball days of youth. Thank you for the welcome though. I'm a mid-thirties angler who has been fishing bass tourneys off and on for the last 18 years. I'm getting into the tournaments a little more now, and I've heard this is a great place for info, with a number of people who enjoy fishing as much as i do. I look forward to typing and reading, and I can't wait until the ice is gone up here in MI. Ice fishing is OK, but it's much more fun out of a boat.

Thanks Again,

Well, welcome to the bassholes, Dr Death. There is a guy in Dalton, GA who named his lures Dr Death. I bought some, and they were fantastic, but it's like an hour one way trip to his shop. :sad01:
Thanks Doc!
Welcome to the forum.

:victory: :cheers:​
Welcome aboard
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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