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This is going to be short notice and I'm sorry for that but like alot of you already know, I will be heading to Lake Fork March 18th (Sunday) and the 19th (Monday) and will leaving on the 20th (Tuesday) around 2pm.

Here is the deal. I rented a room at the Lake Fork Lodge (already paid for) and the guy I thought might be able to go can't due to his job.

This is going to be a long stretch but I am still going to offer it just in case. If anybody is interested in going to Fork on these days let me know. There is an extra bed available and the food will be furnished as well. I will be bringing my 14 ft. jon boat so if you don't have one or its out of commission right now then you don't have to worry about it.

You will only be responsible for the gas in your car. Everything else is free. Think about it and if your interested then PM me.

Sorry for the late notice.

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<---- packing his bags and tieing his nikes tight

Wow what an offer! wish I was a couple thousand miles closer Bobby!

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I am going to try to keep this post close to the top of the list. The offer is still standing if anyone is interested....New member or Old, it doesn't matter. Anyone is welcome to come along.

I will keep this updated until Sunday morning. Don't miss out on a great trip to Fork.
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