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Pike/Chain Pickeral??

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What is your main baits for Pike?? I haven't caught one in quite some time and am wondering what yall mainly use in order to catch them? I was getting a few earlier this year with the Baby Brush Hog.
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Last week while fishing shiners over in Rodman my oldest stepson landed a 28 in 5.5 lb Pickerel. We admired the fish then released it. I got home and decided to see if he could have gotten a Big Catch certificate from FWC. The camera was on the fritz so we did not get pics. Anyway I was surprised to see that the certified state record is not much more than that. While there was an uncertified 8 lb'er.
We went back the next day just my wife and me to see if we could repeat the Bass catches we made that same day to find we could not. Must have been that we had a camera this time. lol Anyway we caught no bass but 6 of these Pickerels and two went over 4 lbs.
I am sure there is a state record swimming in Rodman.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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