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Pike/Chain Pickeral??

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What is your main baits for Pike?? I haven't caught one in quite some time and am wondering what yall mainly use in order to catch them? I was getting a few earlier this year with the Baby Brush Hog.
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Ya knwo what other lure the "jacks" LOVE to tear up... Lucky Craft's Live Pointer... but thats wayyy to expensive of a bait to have "jacks" ruin. You can barely toss a live pointer in some of the waters around me without having a 'jack' nail it.
Man Id love to catch that fish! Ive never caught a big pike and never even had a musky sniff a bait of mine. As a kid my dream use to be to catch a huge musky. I still would love to do that but sadly there are none down here in Dixie. :sad01:
Big Bass Rich said:
Take a trip up to Canada Jared! It's not that expensive, c'mon.  ;D

If this new job of mine pans out well, I just may do that. :cheers:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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