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pics from Blue Cypress Sat.

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Here a pic from our club tournament;
Me with my 4.44

I know this isn't helping cabin fever for everyone freezing their butts off.
I removed the other pics until I get approval from the guys in the club to post their pictures, sorry. I will put them back in once I talk to the club in two weeks.
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Nice looking fish all of you all had. Did you ever find out how the winner caught his fish? I have only fished Blue Cypress one time and I had to go into the Zig Zag canal in the north end of the lake in order to catch any fish.


I made a video clip of my only trip to Blue Cypress and thought I would share it here with you guys. For those who have never seen this lake it is a beautiful natural lake with Cypress trees lining the rim of the lake everywhere.

great looking fish! You can definitely tell they were caught out of relatively clear grassy waters by their beautiful dark colors! :)

Thank you for sharing Shannon! :cheers:
Keith, he caught all of the winning bag on a spinner bait (I don't know what color or type, he didn't mention it) on the West bank as soon as you come out from the ramp turn to the left/North and fish up along that shore, figures we went South from the ramp.
It is definitely a beautiful lake, however there wasn't enough water around the trees this time to fish them effectively or to really hold fish.
Nice video Keith.
Great video Keith!

That place reminds me alot of Santee Cooper... mostly the upper lake.. especially around the areas called Packs Landing and Jack's Creek. I love fishing in places that look like that... even if i dont catch fish, the scenery and tranquility is reason enough to be out there in my humble opinion :D
You went the same way I did when I fished it haha. You probably recognized some of the pictures I took. I have never fished the western side. I do know that the Zig Zag canal or whatever they call it had allot of fish and deeper water.

One tip I can pass your way comes straight from Bob Eisenhauer's mouth. (FWC higher up) anyway, they did a shock study of fish last year at BC and found out that the smaller fish he defined as 3lbs and below ate entirely Silverside minnows. They poke a tube into the belly of the fish and extract a sample of what is in there. However, he noted that the larger bass and considerably larger bass they tested had almost nothing but Armored Catfish in their stomachs in the 4-6" range.

Pretty interesting. I have been looking for an armored catfish lure ever since. Here is a shot of one I found online.

Thanks Jared. I would like Santee Cooper lake I am sure. Texas has a lake like this too called Caddo Lake. The only natural lake in all of Texas.
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That's amazing Keith considering we saw tons of them (armored catfish) busting back in those canals by the ramp.
I have only fished near the mouth of zig zag.
The "armored catfish" is actually a pretty common aquarium fish. It is commonly know by the name Pleco or Plecostamus.
I wonder if them being in BC is natural of it is another incident of foreign species introduction. I'd have to think it was the latter.
It's pretty interesting that the big bass make their diet of these fish.
Nice pics and video. Looks like that spot with the first still frame on the video would be a good horny toad spot.
Jared, They are foreign fish that have populated like crazy and are many of the nuisance fish that we have in central and south Florida.

That Kissimmee grass looks great in the lake but I was unable to get bit in it in October. That was when the survey was done BTW.
Yeah, that is a beautiful lake. I've gotten so used to the deep clear spotted bass lakes here that those lakes almost look strange to me. :-[ If I had a New years resolution, it was to get on those types of lakes again. Nice video, Keith.
Some nice fish landed guys, :D
andy said:
Some nice fish landed guys, :D
No joke!! Those are some very nice fish.
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