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Out of Action

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Yesterday afternoon I was working again on taking an old 8x10 wooden shed down. I was useing a crow-bar to pry the wood apart. The wood broke, I lost my balance and ended up slicing the side of my foot. ( inside of right foot )

It was ( is ) a deep gash caused by a metal truss plate. I ended up going to the emergency room. They cleaned out with some kind of solution that stung like heck ( 5 treatments of that ) got a tetnus shot also. Then I got 8 stitches.

Woke up about 2 this morning with my foot killing me. My wife got me 1 of her pain pills ( she just had ankle surgery 2 weeks ago ) Nothing to strong though as she cant handle potent pain pills. So I got tylenol with codene.

Right now it seems like if it werent for bad luck i'd have no luck at all.
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Ouch sorry to hear man!

Ya know what they say? Bad things come in threes. If this is true then its smooth sailing for you now. You've had your three bad things - the boat, the truck and now the foot. You ought have a good bunch of good luck for a while now. :)
I sure hope so Jared. Im almost affraid to leave the inside of my house right now lol.

I took my wife to see her' podietrist ' < sp > ( the one who did her ankle surgery ) today at 1:00pm . He was even telling me things NOT to do. and also gave me a surgical shoe to wear on that foot. ( hes a super nice guy ) .. He also told me to leave my stitches in longer then the 10 days.Reason being I am puting pressure on it and theres a chance I will rip it open if I dont leave them in longer. ( He left the stitches in my wife's foot today, its been 2 weeks )
Dang clumsy fella :'(
Just to strong for my own good, Andy ;D ... If I hadnt broke that board I'd be in good shape . ;)
Jared's right you're due for a change man, things have got to get better!
I been looking for a virgin to sacrafice lol rofl
Good luck with the healing process!
Took the wife back to see him yesterday and he asked how my foot was doing. I told him Im doing pretty good etc.. He tells my wife next week he will take her stitches out. I said that I was gonna watch him do it so I can see how to take mine out. He says, dont worry about it, I will take yours out too. ( Ive said it once, I will say it again, He's a super nice guy )

And thanks yall for the ' get healed up ' wishes :)
Ohh, forgot to mention that my brother n law, his daughter's boyfriend and a friend of my brother n law got the pieces of my old mean shed loaded up on a trailer and hauled off. ( borrowed a trailer from another friend )

They got it all done while I was at the doctor with my wife. YEAH !!!

Shannon, wanna play hookie today ?? We are going to Port Canaveral to go out on the Steirling < sp > this morning. ( I will be walking around and eating the free food as I have no money to be gambling on lol ) But my sisters wanted go so I am ending up having to go as well.
I wish I could, but I was out three days last week and two days the week before that fishing. I have yet to go on the Streling cruise, of course I can't afford to gamble either! Have a good time and take your rain coat it has been raining over here all morning.
It rained on us from about the Orlando International Airport to I-95 . ( we take the B-line to go over there )

I came back home with what money I went over there with. My wife cleared about $90. My mom and sister Annita won some.

My sister and brother n law from Alaska lost their BUTTS !! ( They was the only 2 drinking too, hmmmmm lol )
How was the ride? I saw the surf report yesterday morning and heard the surf when I got up, it seemed a little rough.
Glad to hear your wife made a little cash.
To be honest it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We hit a little rough water here and there but nothing bad enough to shift ya from one side to the other while walking around etc...
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